Extraction Equipment

BEEQUIPMENT prides itself in offering to the South African Beekeeping enthusiast affordable, quality extractor equipment.  Both Manual and Motorised Extractors are available and are manufactured through Beequip’s exclusive Johannesburg Manufacturer.

Specifications of our standard products are as follows:

Motorised Honey Extractor (12 Frame Stainless Steel)

  • Maximum 12 Super frames – Radial extraction
  • Balances on 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 frames
  • Motorised: Computer programmable for speed (Ideal Revolutions between 180 – 250 revs per minute)
  • 1 Year guarantee on moving parts
  • Deposit and delivery: 50% Deposit required on order; Delivery between 3-4 weeks
  • Larger honey extractors made to specification
  • Repairs carried out on existing extractor equipment


The standard stainless steel 12 frame radial motorized honey extractor with speed control is ideal for the hobby and small scale beekeeper.


The speed control computer – ideally the maximum speed needed is 250 rpm.


The 12 frame extractor fits comfortably inside any room with standard door frame.


Spinning out the honey – (NB. the cover must be on during this process).


Food Grade Plastic Honey Bucket with Honey Gate fitted makes for easy, quick and economical filling of honey jars for the smaller beekeeper.


The Golden Liquid!  Honey flows out directly through stainless steel double filter into honey bucket.


The final result – the combs are 99% emptied.  It is important that lesser numbers of frames are properly balanced in the cylinder to prevent speed wobble.


Manual Honey Extractor (12 Frame Stainless Steel)

  • Manual -Gearbox ratio 1:3
  • Uses 5 bearings – 1 Thrust bearing; 4 Radial bearings
  • Balances on 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 frames


Our 12 frame honey extractor, also locally made, is ideal for rural conditions and is robust and sturdily built.


The cage for inserting the super frames radially. Frames are not placed tangentially. The extractor does not take brood frames.


The extractor’s gears make for easy turning of the machine. However abusive force on the turning mechanism can damage the gears for which the supplier will not be responsible.


The detachable lids must be secured in place when extracting the honey from the uncapped frames.


Manual Honey Extractor (6 Frame Stainless Steel)

  • Both Tangential and Radial extraction
  • Takes 3 Brood frames or 6 Super frames Tangential
  • Or 6 Super frames Radial
  • Ideal for the Hobbyist Beekeeper with up to 10 hives


Our compact 6-frame honey extractor is ideal for the small scale beekeeper wanting a quality locally made machine


The cage can take 3 brood frames or 6 super frames tangentially, or you can spin out 6 super frames radially in the slots provided.


The Free Flow Honey Gate from a sloping base allows the extracted honey to flow out easily into your honey bucket below.