Eco Trap Boxes

The Eco Trap Box has been specifically designed by Mike Miles as a light weight, durable, environmentally friendly means of enticing trek swarms to find a temporary home before relocating into a standard Langstroth beehive. Made out of durable, moisture resistant, wax coated cardboard, it is easy to assemble and has a unique carrying handle which makes both transporting and affixing to higher vantage points practical and easy.




Once assembled, the two dowels are inserted through the appropriate side holes and four standard brood frames will snugly fit inside the box. The frames do not touch the floor creating space for the bees to move under the frames and big enough to prevent them from fixing the frames to the flooring before being relocated. A simple elastic band running from each end of the dowel over the handle will secure the box.







The entrance of the trap box must be pushed out prior to putting in the brood frames and it has been designed to protect the entrance when the bees enter. Simply close up the entrance when the bees are to be relocated. The box does not seal completely in some of the corner joints allowing small ventilation holes which the bees will seal up if they so wish.












The handle and size makes for easy carrying.


The Eco Trap Box is intended as a temporary home for a new colony of bees and it is recommended they be relocated into a full beehive within three weeks of their arrival. The box only contains four brood frames making it an attractive new home for a trekking colony which does not initially like large cavities. Also only four full frames of brood and honey reduce the weight of the box when picking up and carrying.




This box is intended for any beekeeper to utilise during the swarming season to catch trekking colonies.

It can also be used ideally in large facilities and utility undertakings as a decoy box to prevent swarms of bees from moving into sensitive areas where their fate is invariably ultimately sealed by doom. By trapping bees in this environmentally friendly manner the utilities can dispose of the established colonies by reselling them to commercial beekeepers in need of new swarms, for the establishment of rural development projects, or giving them away to small-scale beekeepers.

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The first experimental trap box designed which bees had no problem moving into and establishing a thriving colony. It was however too cumbersome and difficult to pick up and carry.