Honey Extractors




BeeQuipment SA is proud to showcase its latest range of locally manufactured honey extractors for the South African and Southern African market.  Our 12 Frame Radial extractors are ideal for the hobbyist and small-scale beekeeper who is looking for a robust, well designed, and durable machine to enable the processing of honey through an enjoyable, efficient and productive process.

Whilst our products are more expensive than many of the imported machines, we guarantee their reliability and strength.  The machines carry a 12 month guarantee on moving parts and are easily repairable once wear and tear affects their performance.

12 Frame Motorized Extractor

12 frame motorized radial extractor with Variable Speed Control.  Has a sloping base for full dispensing of all honey extracted through open honey gate.  The cage can balance on 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 frames.  Easily cleaned with cold water and food grade stainless steel.  Takes super frames only.

Price: R21,500.00 (Vat inclusive)

12 Frame Manual Extractor

Our 12-frame manual extractor with longer spinning handle for easier turning is ideal for the small-scale beekeeper who needs a steady machine for those smaller extractions.  Also, with sloping base and prime number balancing, the mechanism allows for maximum efficiency with least resistance in turning the drum.  Also designed only for super frames.

This machine is also ideal for rural areas with limited or no access to electricity, for community projects, or for field extraction needs.

Price: R13,500.00 (Vat inclusive)